Halloween Party

I can’t believe Halloween is over! We started off our day with snow (!) and ended with a windy, but FUN evening.

Life has been so busy the past two weeks, that I realized I never posted about our Halloween Party. It was surprisingly the first official Halloween Party we have thrown and it ended up being a lot of fun. By far my favorite part was watching them all arrive in their cute little costumes.

Since we have 3 children, I let each invite three friends as well as a few neighbors and close friends which led to about 18 kids (including our own). Since this was going to be a kid’s party, I wanted the invitations to be fun so I added a small parachute toy to the front with washi tape and the words “We hope you can DROP by”. I am a firm believer that the invitation sets the tone for the party, so I was hoping this one screamed, “Spooky fun!”

HP Invite1

I also knew that I wanted to do a sort of “Create your Spell” dessert table where the kids could basically build their own cauldron of goodies. I had this idea last year, but since we didn’t have a party, it was never put to good use! The large backdrop was printed as a large engineer print, so for only $7 it was a cheap way to add some fun to the dessert table (as well as hide the kitchen behind it!)



Halloween parties are fun because you can serve pretty basic food, throw a spooky name on it and call it a day.

hp5 hp6 hp7 hp8 hp9 hp11 hp12HP gravesHP cake hp10 hp4 hp3


I was really excited to set up an candied apple bar. We set up two bowls in our crockpot with caramel and chocolate and laid out a few options for toppings.
hp19 hp20

When I was originally scheming up the logistics of having this bar, one of the things I knew we would have to figure out was how to keep track of which apple was who’s. By adding these personalized straw flags to the stems, each child had their own apple that they were able to grab at the end of the party to take home. hp22 hp21 hp23

We set up supplies and plain, white shirts so that the kids could create their own Halloween T-shirt.


We also had a few games set up so that the kids could go around and do what they wanted at their own pace. First up was the obligatory “touch station”. From left to right, they were peeled grapes, jello, baby carrots, and spaghetti. hp16 hp17

We also set up a few of the basic games like ring toss and a bean bag toss game.
hp15HP games2

By far, the favorite game of the evening was “Stomp out the Spiders”. It all happened so quick, I didn’t even think to snap any photos, but it’s really easy to explain.  Pre-party we filled up a bunch of black balloon “spiders” that were filled with a small note that either read “WINNER!” or “Sorry, not a winner”. We tossed them all over the ledge of our loft and each kid scrambled to grab one and pop it either by stomping on them or sitting on them. I have used this game in quite a few different settings, and it is always a lot of fun.

HP game

Between the apples and the t-shirts the kids made, they definitely didn’t need any goody bags to go home, but I just can not resist buying Halloween favors. Cups made the perfect re-usable goody bag to stuff with thank you cards and goodies.


HP favor

The party was chaotic (to be expected, ha!) but a success. It *almost* makes me think that it should become an annual event. Am I crazy?!

I hope your Halloween was a success, too.

x- Rachel