Spooky Halloween Bingo :: Free Printable

I’m excited to finally share the spooky bingo I made last year for my son’s class party. Finding an easy (and cheap!) activity for 20 students can seem a bit intimidating, but bingo is always a crowd pleaser. Although you can often Halloween bingo sheets online or at party stores, I couldn’t find any that had 20 unique cards. So I made my own!

Halloween Bingo5

To kick up the “spooky” factor, I wrote all the numbers to be called onto plastic eyeballs. The kids got a kick out of watching me dig my hands through a bowl of eyeballs to call the next number.

Spooky Bingo :: Free Printable

But , if we are being honest here, their favorite part was the place markers – Candy Corn!

Halloween Bingo3

Because candy makes everything more fun, right?!

Halloween Bingo4

Best part for you? You can print it up for FREE here.

Happy Monday!